The private platform for the internationalization of the Italian agri-food industry.

We promote and export the Italian agri-food products by distributing exclusively products of primary Italian brands, 100% Made in Italy, through strategic partnerships with the most important groups of the large-scale retail channel in and for the Middle Eastern Countries.

The Italian Food Hub is also the “Open source” for the internationalization of products of Italian agri-food small and medium-sized companies: a “Risk-Free” internationalization model specifically created for them.

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Business units

We operate in all the strategic sectors of the food department, by analyzing the different needs of producers and traders, with entry-level controlled products and Italian gastronomic excellences, and also by developing and carrying out specific projects aimed at supporting the cooperation with the main international players.

The perfect hub

Dubai (United Arab Emirates). The perfect HUB to distribute products worldwide.

Do you want to distribute Italian agri-food products worldwide? Dubai is the perfect bridge!

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Our strength

local distribution

Exclusive Partnership with local large-scale retail trade
Direct contact with the key operators of the B2B sector and direct access to the most important B2C operators.

supply chain

Cooperation with one of the main logistics companies in the GCC Countries.

Thousands of controlled food products, both dry and fresh, with a guaranteed continuity of supply.

quality control

Strict quality controls
Quality control procedures of 100% Italian exported food products according to strict national and European legislation.

Promotion of the Italian culinary culture
Areas dedicated to the dissemination of the “Mediterranean diet” and of the “Healthy food” concept.


Tasting program
For the end consumers, in the most well-attended points of sale, preparation of areas dedicated to the tasting of the Italian food excellences and to the basic didactics.

What can be done?

Exporting & Selling

Are you an Italian agri-food producer?

We can assist you in placing your products within the large distribution chains of the international market. We take care of all aspects of the entire distribution chain. From label translation services to product registration, from market testing to shelf placement. But we also study the most appropriate communication campaign.

Inventing & Innovating

Do you have an original idea or a project related to agri-food?

If you wish to develop a project concerning the agribusiness, GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA can assist you with its network and a strategic partner(s) network. GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA is equipped with a virtual observatory for Start-ups, including technology Start-ups, within the agri-food sector as well as with the “Italian Food Accelerator & Incubator Program”.

Acquiring & Distributing

Are you interested in our products?

We supply the large distribution chains and the HoReCa operators with high-quality Italian “dry” and “fresh” agri-food products and we offer a wide range of services. GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA also distributes products, which are strictly controlled, bearing its own brand, 100% Made in Italy.